Dolce Far Niente

Dolce Far Niente: Origin: Italian, literally, sweet doing nothing 

 Dolce Far Niente - Carefree Idleness. 

Leaving may seem inadequate if you have already fallen in love with what you are doing or maybe leaving is adequate when you are off to somewhere so special you don't want to go back from where you have started because it gets better each day and you realize it is worth fighting for. Believe it or not, (will not sugarcoat it) I will, with a sour taste of bitterness, will be leaving blogging soon, because I have come to realize that it is not for me or maybe it is for me but not now. I am really am thankful that everyone was up to my madness and was kind enough to follow me and posted their own opinion or comments in this blog, I devoured each time reading those comments! It has been a joyous journey with this blog. Who knows, maybe after a week of my sudden insanity today that I will open another one and just post anything worth of happiness. 


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